Green-Wing Macaw (Red and Green Macaw):

August 4, 2020

Second in measurements just to the hyacinth macaw, which is actually the biggest parrot varieties, the green-wing macaw is actually typically known as a gentle titan, due to its cool-headed disposition. Its fantastic color and also temperament make it a beloved family pet dog for those who have area and also time to care for such a sizable bird.

Species Overview
USUAL NAMES: Green-wing macaw, red and green macaw

TAXONOMIC NAME: Ara chloroptera

ADULT SIZE: 40 ins long along with a 49-inch wingspan, analyzing 3 3/4 extra pounds

LIFE EXPECTANCY: fifty years; having said that, there have been records of green-wing macaws living properly right into their 80s

Beginning and History

The green-wing macaw is actually belonging to a lot of the tropical lowland woodlands of Central as well as South America, featuring Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Guyana, Brazil, Peru, Suriname, French Guiana, Paraguay, Argentina, and also Bolivia. It lives in practically the very same territory as the blue-and-gold macaw.

Green-wing macaws have been actually inhibited captivity as far back as the 17th century. Restricted reproduction plans took off throughout the 19th century and also were quite successful. Today, it is actually fairly very easy to find green-wing macaws reproduced in bondage. Like a lot of various other tropical birds, this macaw’s organic environment has actually been actually severely diminished, and also lots of are still captured for the black market parrot exchange.


Green-wing macaws are actually tamed as well as loving with a commonly also, easy-going character. They get along and call for a couple of hours of interaction along with you each day. These birds are actually great; they may discover to communicate phrases as well as carry out secrets.

As one of the largest types of parrot, they possess exceptionally effective beaks. They are actually among the very most gentle parrots, a green-wing macaw along with actions issues can be actually a biting hazard for loved ones with little kids (and little bit of hands). The majority of types of parrots are going to create behavior issues if they perform certainly not get ample interest from you or their human group.

Speech and Vocalizations

The green-wing macaw may be shown to refer to 15 words yet is actually not known for its talking potential. This bird will shrill and also scream, for example, when it obtains thrilled, believes endangered, or wants attention. This bird can easily receive loud. This species is an improper companion for those who live in a house or various other near one-fourths.

Green-Wing Macaw Colors and also Markings

The green-wing macaw is just one of one of the most recognizable of all the parrot types. These bright birds are actually a strong dynamic red on the head, shoulders, and boob along with a green band below the shoulders and airfoils. The greenish band changes to dark blue on the wings, and also there is pale blue on the rump and also on the tail plumes.

The long rear plumes are actually red, hinted in blue. The legs as well as feet are a strong gray, as well as the beak is actually horn-colored with a dark reduced jaw. The bird possesses eye patches on the surface. Males as well as girls are indistinguishable, apart from that guys are actually a little much larger. To identify the sex of the bird, it will need to have DNA screening or even medical sexing.

Taking Care Of Green-Wing Macaws

In the wild, green-wing macaws live in groups of 6 to eight birds; they are actually very social. Green-wing macaws are very reactive to instruction and must be actually given ample focus and connecting opportunity as a result of their social attributes. A bored macaw is actually a devastating macaw.

Program to invest a lot of time socializing with your bird. When you take a green-wing macaw in to your home, you properly become its “group” and needs to feature it in household tasks.

A huge macaw like a green-wing needs to have a large cage: 2 1/2 feets through 3 feet at a minimum required. The green-wing is actually a rather quieter bird than a number of the various other sizable macaws, however it is still a loud types.

Mount a durable branch in the cage, and also be prepped to replace it from time to time as it receives wrecked. Food items, water, and handle meals must be actually installed above the post on the side of the crate. Branches within the room will definitely deliver the bird climbing workout. Offer a wide array of toys for participating in and eating. A playpen structure at the top of the crate is an excellent suggestion.

If always kept in an outdoor bird sanctuary throughout warm and comfortable weather condition, the green-wing macaw will likewise carry out well. It can also adapt effectively to a whole space dedicated as an in the house “bird space.”

Having a significant green-wing macaw is actually an expensive venture that needs a great deal of constant attention. Before taking this bird home, be readied to devote much in regards to time, feed, equipment, veterinary costs, as well as perhaps home repair work costs.

Diet plan as well as Nutrition

In bush, green-wing macaws consume fruit, seeds, berries, as well as nuts. They likewise gather at clay-based cliffs. Clay consists of minerals and also sodiums that the birds eat to neutralize poisons.

Family pet green-wing macaws, like all parrots, need to eat a top quality commercial seed and pellet interfere addition to everyday portions of bird-safe vegetables and fruits. Many green-wings delight in being hand-fed during loved ones mealtime. Green-wing macaws are understood to eat some protein in bush, and also in bondage, they are going to eat little bits of cooked hen.

Each macaw, depending on its size, will certainly eat about 1/2 to 3/4 mug of parrot mix and concerning 1/2 to 3/4 mug of fruits and veggie everyday. The moment in the early morning upon waking as well as at twilight before it goes to sleep, you may feed it. Take out all uneaten food items just before night time.

Physical exercise

Although they are actually certainly not as active as various other sizable parrots, green-wing macaws still require plenty of workout for each physical and also psychological stimulation. You will definitely need to have to provide 2 to 3 hours of administered out-of-cage leisure daily. Provide a separate playpen structure out of the cage for physical exercise periods.

Be sure that you maintain a close on your birds while they run out the crate. Green-wing macaws are understood for being ravenous chewers as well as can easily eat by means of a door framework or even pricey creating with lightning speed. You ought to purchase some good-quality chew toys as well as prepare to always keep resupplying them, as these are disposable items where macaws are regarded.

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Where to Take on or even Purchase a Green-Wing Macaw

This bird is not frequently marketed in pet dog establishments, so you’ll require to seek out a dog breeder to acquire a green-wing macaw. If you make a decision to get a green-wing macaw, make sure you take care of a trustworthy dog breeder that may confirm the bird’s status. This bird may cost coming from $3,000 to $4,000.

The green-wing macaw is actually a high-maintenance bird. Regrettably, it is frequently given up to animal adopting companies and rescue institutions. On the internet saves, fostering associations, as well as dog breeders where you can easily find green-wing macaws consist of:

  • Birds Right now
  • Bird Breeders
  • Petfinder

Appear for a bird that is actually vivid, sharp, as well as energetic. Avoid a bird that is sitting silently with puffy plumes; it may be actually ill.

The green-wing macaw is one of the most familiar of all the parrot types. In the untamed, green-wing macaws stay in flocks of 6 to eight birds; they are actually extremely social. A bored macaw is actually a harmful macaw.

If you make a decision to get a green-wing macaw, create sure you deal along with a trusted breeder who can easily validate the bird’s condition. The green-wing macaw is a high-maintenance bird.