Illiger’s Macaw (Blue-Winged Macaw)

August 4, 2020

Attractive, fun, as well as lovely, the Illiger’s macaw has actually expanded in recognition as a conveniently trainable pet bird. As a very social bird, it wants to be actually part of the loved ones. Many people pick a tiny macaw types because they presume they can not take care of a larger bird.

Variety Overview
POPULAR NAMES: Illiger’s macaw, Illiger’s small macaw, blue-winged macaw

TAXONOMIC NAME: Ara maracana or even Primolius maracana

ADULT SIZE: 15 to 17 ins


Origin and also History

The variety of the Illiger’s macaw is towards the southerly aspect of main South America, featuring the woods and also woodlands of core and asian Brazil, northerly Argentina, as well as most of Paraguay. The birds flourish on palms plants. The plant is their preferred food source and gives lots of defense coming from killers and thundercloud. Social naturally, wild Illiger’s reside in pairs or even tiny flocks. They take pleasure in the company of various other parrots species, featuring other macaws as well as conures.

The bird obtained its name coming from German zoologist Johann Karl Wilhelm Illiger, that first described the birds to the scientific neighborhood.

Unfortunately, Illiger’s populations in bush are actually threatened and also thought about a threatened varieties as a result of habitat devastation. For a lot of farmers, the birds are thought about pests. Farmers as well as grains’ plants have actually ended up being an alternative to their disappearing health food sources.

Hunting and also trapping have performed further damage to their amounts. Infant macaws intended for the pet exchange are actually commonly snatched coming from homes. A lot of these captured youthful parrots are or perish burnt out just before discovering a brand new home. They usually are without adequate treatment and interest. The U.S. outlaws the import of wild-caught birds that are actually imperiled or put at risk. This includes Illiger’s macaws.


Illiger’s macaws are spirited, helpful birds that take pleasure in individual communication. As a proprietor, if you keep an even character, you will often locate it demonstrated in your tenderhearted bird.

These birds demand a bunch of psychological excitement, as well as they just like to stay hectic. They wish to be part of the action in a property and are going to usually stray around seeking something that piques their passion or will certainly rest on your shoulder to view what you’re performing. Their inquisitiveness and also easy wit also help them respond swiftly to positive training methods.

While Illiger’s macaws may not be known to become especially loud, they are actually still macaws, as well as they do have some vocalisms.

Speech and Vocalizations

An Illiger’s call is actually often matched up to a crow, and you can expect hellos in addition to attention-getting calls when they desire to play. Some managers have actually found the noise to become a lot of. They are actually moderate talkers, and also some people may know several words. They possess a clown-like individuality as well as usually amaze their owners with amusing reactions.

Illiger’s Macaw Colors and Markings

Illiger’s macaws are usually environment-friendly with a bright red blaze on their temples. The plumes of the back and also the peak of the head are actually a gorgeous many-colored blue. They possess brownish-red patches on their reduced back, mid-section, and rear feathers, which are edged in a dazzling blue. In-flight, you’ll find a yellow to olive greenish actors under their airfoils.

This varieties has actually orange eyes framed by the traditional bare macaw face patches. Their black beaks are actually large for their measurements, and also they have flesh-colored shoes and also legs.

While Illiger’s macaws are taken into consideration monomorphic birds, suggesting girls and also guys look alike, the men usually tend to exhibit even more reddish coloration in their feathers than the women. Young macaws will certainly not have the vibrant colourings of adults, however over time, this will definitely develop.

Caring for the Illiger’s Macaw

If you are actually curious in having an Illiger’s macaw, create certain that you possess a lot of time to devote along with this bird. A disregarded or depressing macaw is actually no fun to be all around, and also proprietors are going to rapidly find out that these birds can and do host grudges if they are actually abused. Provide Illiger’s macaws a lot of secured bird toys to keep all of them occupied and enriched with task.

Preferably, look at taking on two birds. They may always keep each other provider and also active, which can do surprises for the birds’ welfare. More than most parrots, the Illiger’s thrives in a restricted coupling. They likewise do well in bird sanctuaries with various other species, thus a second Illiger’s is certainly not entirely required.

You can easily disregard the nibbles, remove your palms, and distract the bird. Or when a bird nibbles, put the bird back in its own cage or even on its play stand to show it that catching carries out not obtain awarded along with opportunity with you.

These birds additionally require to fly. Consider the largest crate you can easily afford– a high quality one that can easily last the bird’s life time– with a minimum dimension of 3 through 4 shoes and at minimum 4-feet tall.

Just before receiving an Illiger’s macaw, consider the higher cost of possession. The veterinarian bills, high-grade feed, playthings, as well as cage expenses add up quickly. If you can not supply your bird along with the most effective of every thing, think about waiting up until you can.

Assume regarding investing some opportunity along with a bird that you are actually considering for your house. They could be temperamental. Attempt to sense if the bird possesses potential personality concerns just before carrying it home along with you.

Common Health Problems

In the wild, this varieties resides for about 40 years. Along with effective treatment in bondage, Illiger’s can easily live about 60 years. Illiger’s are susceptible to the exact same illness as various other macaws. These ailments feature proventricular extension illness (nervous system condition), psittacine beak as well as feather illness (a lethal viral disease), psittacosis (a bacterial disease), beak malocclusion (beak misalignment), and also aspergillosis (a fungal disease).

Diet as well as Nutrition

Illiger’s macaws in bush eat a diet regimen that is actually higher in fat deposits than various other macaw types to meet their high-energy needs. Their beloved foods originate from all parts of the palm, as well as their significant beaks can crack open tough hand nuts. Given that this bird can easily melt a ton of calories, it needs to possess a premium, healthy diet regimen to meet its caloric requirements. They likewise eat environment-friendly vegetables, grains, seeds, almonds, and also an excellent range of fruits.

Feed your Illiger’s a diet regimen featuring high-quality seed and also pellet mix and also a diverse mix of fresh bird-safe veggies and fruits daily. Any new foods that you place in your Amazon’s cage must be actually removed when nourishing opportunity ends. You may anticipate that the bird is going to eat concerning 10 per-cent of its own body weight per day.

Illiger’s may end up being burnt out along with the very same foods items each day. They may become choosy eaters at times. Dangerous parrot meals to stay away from feature avocado, coffee, and also chocolate.


In the crazy, the Illiger’s macaw is actually a bird on the move. Planning to enable their Illiger’s macaw a minimum of 2 to four hrs of leisure outside of the crate every day. Leather, grains, as well as ropes will likewise be welcomed amusements for this amusing macaw.

Where to Adopt or even Buy an Illiger’s Macaw

Considering that it is complicated to verify whether an imported Illiger’s macaw is captive-bred or even wild-caught, bush Bird Protection Act of 1992 bans the bring in of all Illiger’s macaws to the U.S. Although they are challenging to locate, numerous reproduction plans in the U.S. aided to multiply the species from birds actually in the U.S. prior to the import restriction.

You might discover Illiger’s macaws online at a premium from $1,000 to $3,000. Check out dog breeders, rescues, as well as adoption solutions online:

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Gorgeous, fun, and enchanting, the Illiger’s macaw has actually expanded in attraction as a simply trainable pet bird. If you are fascinated in possessing an Illiger’s macaw, make sure that you have a lot of opportunity to invest with this bird. Give Illiger’s macaws plenty of safe and secure bird playthings to maintain them occupied as well as enhanced with activity.

Or when a bird nibbles, put the bird back in its own crate or on its play stand to show it that catching does certainly not get rewarded along with opportunity along with you.

In the untamed, the Illiger’s macaw is a bird on the relocation.